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Thank you for volunteering to manage a SYHA team!  The success of our organization lies with our volunteers.  You will find guidance regarding your duties in this section.  Hopefully most of your questions will be answered.  However, please see your Division Director or Sheila Garilli (Director of Team Managers) if you have any questions.

USA Hockey and CHC have a mandatory screening policy to help protect the youth that participate in our sport. ALL team managers must be screened. CHC has adopted a policy of screening returning coaches, administrators, etc. every other year. In short, It is the policy of USA Hockey that it will not authorize or sanction in its programs that it directly controls any volunteer or employee who has routine access to children (anyone under the age of majority) who refuses to consent to be screened by USA Hockey before he/she is allowed to have routine access to children in USA Hockey’s programs. Further, it is the policy of USA Hockey that it will require the affiliates to adopt this policy as a condition of its affiliation with USA Hockey.”

IMPORTANT:  ALL SCREENING APPLICANTS MUST REGISTER WITH USA HOCKEY FOR THE 2020-2021 SEASON AS A COACH OR VOLUNTEER PRIOR TO SUBMITTING A SCREENING APPLICATION.  The USA Hockey participant number is now required on the Screening application.  The link to USAH Registration page is below.  Select “Ice Managers/Volunteers” for your position.  There is no charge for “Volunteers” to register with USA Hockey, HOWEVER, “Volunteers” may not participate in any on ice activities.   


Once you have registered with USA Hockey, please update your account on the SYHA website with your 2020-21 USAH Confirmation number.

Submit your screening application here:  




Please contact Sheila Garilli, Director Team Manager with any questions.